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St. Francis

Catholic School

Login for the public access catalog of Quincy Public Library

using Microsoft Hyperterminal (included in Windows 95/98)

3Com has a very nice site to teach you about setting up hyperterminal but here are a few basics.

Follow this link to see what a typical library login looks like.

Open the Hyperterminal program:

Select the Hypertrm icon (if there's more than one, select Hyperterm.exe)

The program should display the New Connection box:


Next will come the Phone Number box:


Click on Dial. You should hear your modem dialing and initializing (sounds like a fax machine). After that stops, press Enter (or Return) a few times and it should bring up the main screen, like the one below. The login is library all in small letters. The system will next ask for your terminal type; normally use VT100.

Follow this link to see what a typical library login looks like.


After you're finished, remember to log off properly. Close Hyperterminal by clicking the X box in the upper right. When the program asks you if you want to save "Library" (or whatever you named it), click Yes. The next time you want to connect, you should be able to just double click on your chosen icon and click on Dial.

Sometimes this can be quite challenging to get working, but when it works, it makes the trips to the library much more productive.


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Created 7/2/1999, changed 12/07/99