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1999 - 2000 SCHOOL YEAR

1. Students shall wear: skirts, skorts, dresses, jumpers, walking shorts, pants, collared shirts, and collared blouses.

A) Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks will be considered as collars. Crew neck shirts are prohibited.

B) The hems of: skirts, skorts, jumpers, walking shorts, and dresses must fall beneath the fingertips when the arms are extended at the side.

2. Students shall wear clothing of the following solid colors: navy blue, light blue, white, khaki (tan), black, and forest green.

3. Sweaters, vests, and St. Francis School sweatshirts are allowed providing that students wear a collared shirt under these items.

4. Students shall wear shoes and socks. Students may wear sandals providing the sandals have a strap across the back.

5. Clothing must fit properly.

6. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in.

7. Denim clothing is prohibited.

8. Clothing may not contain any logos or emblems.

9. The following items are prohibited:

Bib Overalls

Facial Make-up

Paint Pants

Dangling Earrings

Parachute Pants

Visible Body Piercing

Stretch Pants


Warm-up Suits


Sun Dresses


***The class of 2000 is exempt from this dress code. The class of 2000 shall follow the existing dress code.

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Created 2/21/1999, changed 08/16/99