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St. Francis Solanus School was established in 1862, as a Roman Catholic elementary school. St. Francis School welcomes all students and families willing to share our mission of providing the finest religious and academic education to students in grades kindergarten through eighth.

St. Francis is staffed by an academically qualified and highly motivated group of professional lay and religious educators. All are certified by the State of Illinois. In addition to the faculty, Franciscan Priests and Brothers help develop the children's understanding of God and our Church.

The philosophy of St. Francis Solanus School is based on our Catholic tradition, which uniquely stresses the education of the whole child according to his/her God-given rights and innate self-worth. The school's main purpose is to teach by word and example, the living Christ and His message, to produce responsible men and women who will better the human society in which they live.

St. Francis School has an educational program that

stresses skills in the basic subjects in order to prepare students, through a variety of learning experiences, to face the future responsibly. Additionally, our educational program seeks to develop all the talents and abilities of its students by encouraging them to fill roles in programs of the Catholic Youth Organization and the Parochial Music Organization. An active and excellent Scout Program is another feature of the St. Francis School experience. Creativity is recognized as a valuable and indispensable part of the total education of the individual and is highly promoted through experimentation in a varied curricular program. Cultural and educational facilities of our community are utilized by employing resources such as the bookmobile, educational films and filmstrips, audiovisual materials, our library, and other resource personnel.

There is no finer place for Catholic elementary education in the city of Quincy than centrally located St. Francis Solanus School.

Join us for a positive educational experience!